The Issues with Big Phones

Was just doing some research on the new Droid DNA and while most of the reviews I’ve seen indicate that it’s one of the best Android phones out there, this review from the LA Times suggests that it has some issues as well (which may be dealbreakers for some). According to the author of the article, the larger screen on the DNA comes at a price – namely, poor battery life.


Personally I prefer smaller phones (I still rock the Motorola Droid R2-D2), however my wife has a Samsung Charge – the phone has a 4.3″ screen and goes through battery like nobody’s business. Her phone often dies after about 5 – 6 hours, while mine can go a full day without needing to be recharged.

I’ve considered getting a new phone that has a larger screen but decided that a bigger, brighter, crisper screen is not necessarily a great tradeoff for poor battery life.

Good News, Everyone!

Or at least for me and everyone else who bought the R2-D2 themed Droid 2 Phone. From


Motorola Feedback Network members have started to receive emails about a “confidential project for Droid R2-D2 owners”. While the email only asks for interested parties to sign up, and makes no mention of any update or soak test, the fact that Gingerbread continues to roll out to the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global raises suspicion that Android 2.3 might be in line for the Droid R2-D2 as well.

The Droid R2-D2 was released as a limited edition run of Droid 2 handsets decked out to look like the famous droid from Star Wars. Given the similarity of the hardware, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think the currently available update for the other members of the Droid 2 family could soon be finding its way to a Droid R2-D2 handset near you.

Source: TalkAndroid

Application News

It’s been a week of ups and downs – but hey, that’s life!

Since releasing my applications “into the wild”, I’ve been monitoring their progress through Google’s awesome (though sometimes inconsistent) Developer Console. What I like about the Dev Console is that it tells me a lot of information about how my applications are doing, but I’ve run into problems where the stats don’t update for days at a time.


Anyway, here are some of the current stats:

Arrested Development Soundboard

Total Downloads: 2,650
Five Star Ratings: 22

Top 3 Platforms:
Android 2.2 (79.7%)
Android 2.1 (13.5%)
Android 1.5 (3.4%)

Top 3 Devices:
Motorola Droid X (11.8%)
HTC Droid Incredible (9.9%)
HTC Evo 4G (9.7%)

Top 3 Countries:
United States (89.9%)
United Kingdom (3.9%)
Canada (2.1%)

Total Downloads: 114
Five Star Ratings: 0 (No Ratings Yet)

Top 3 Platforms:
Android 2.2 (71.0%)
Android 2.1 (16.1%)
Android 2.3.3 (9.7%)

Top 3 Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S (19.4%)
HTC Evo 4G (6.5%)
Samsung Galaxy S (6.5%)

Top 3 Countries:
South Korea (67.7%)
United States (29.0%)
Greece (3.2%)


These are just some of the stats – the full Developer Console includes some great graphs and tracking tools, but those are for another post on another day.

New App – Deal Droid

Well I’ve finally published my 2nd Android application to the market tonight! This one is called DealDroid (unless I can think of a better name!) and I’m quite proud of it because it’s something that I actually use fairly often in my own life.

Basically what the application does is this:

Imagine a scenario where you are shopping and can’t decide whether to get the 12 pack of Barq’s root beer as you normally would, or the larger 24 pack (because it’s on sale). The 12 pack is $3.99 and the 24 pack is $5.99. If you are like me, you might not be able to do the math in your head to find out which one is a better deal. At this point you would remember that you have DealDroid on your phone and plug in the numbers to let Droid do all the work.


Needless to say, this is a work in progress and I have many more features planned for the application. Stay tuned for any updates and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Download Link: Android Market

Incidentally, the 24 pack of Barq’s is the better deal. You’re welcome!

Application Update

Just pushed an update to the Arrested Development application on the Android Market. I’ve added more quotes and an Info page to the application. Hope everyone likes the new quotes!

Get it here: Android Market

Haven’t been working on this as much lately because I have been working on another application that is nearly ready to put onto the market. It’s an application that I’ve actually been using in my everyday life, so I’m hoping that people will find this useful as well. More details to come after I’ve published it.

Looking forward to working on some upcoming projects, exploring new areas and seeing what I can do with this phone. It’s been fun!

Arrested Development App

So far the response to the app has been positive.  I have two reviews on the market (thanks to Rashawn for one), both of which provided constructive feedback and am approaching 200 active installs within one week.

I reached out to members of the Arrested Development community on Reddit to get some input and they’ve given me lots of good ideas for future updates. In addition to adding new features (such as the ability to set a quote as a ringtone), I am going to be adding a lot more quotes to the application.  Unfortunately this means finding each quote’s episode, converting the episode to .ogg format and then trimming it down to the clip — but I don’t mind doing this, as it means more Arrested Development time.

Anyway, thanks for all of the feedback, and keep it coming!


Arrested Development on Reddit
My post on Reddit
Arrested Development App on the Android Market

Arrested Development App

Hey all, just wanted to announce that I finally got my first Droid application up and running on the Android Market!  It’s an Arrested Development soundboard, chock full of quotes from the show.  If you have never seen Arrested Development, then I urge you to check it out on Netflix, Hulu or wherever – the show is brilliantly funny.


Being my first app, there is a lot that I have to learn, and I already have some updates planned (such as adding the quotes as ringtones and some UI tweaks).  Hope you enjoy, and let me know what other quotes you would like to see!

Link to Install: Arrested Development on the Android Market

QR Code is below.